Hi! My name is Steve Gowing. An Upholsterer of 30 years, but my passion has always been Motorcycles. I love to ride, tour, restore, refurbish, trick out…. as long as it has do with bikes I’m there. In my own personal collection I have everything from a Custom Cruiser to an old European Sport bike to a cafe racer to vintage trials bikes. It does not matter the brand or style, I really do enjoy anything on two wheels. When other riders look at my jacket with the front and back and sleeves plastered with numerous motorcycle brands, they often think that I’m ‘conflicted’… I just smile and say, ‘no, just diseased’.

Naturally over the years this passion has affected and changed my upholstery business. I once worked on furniture, cars, and motorcycles, now…. just motorcycles. I am constantly asking, wondering, questioning ultimately can this be done different, better?

Over the years my specialty has become really listening to the customer, and then building a custom seat shape or backrest or soft work piece etc. that truly fits your needs. Many seat companies build ‘custom’ seats, however they are still a one size fits all approach. Different from the stock seat yes, but if you are short or tall, or have some specific needs, it will likely not be custom fit to you.

Steve Gowing