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I often hear people talking about the ‘custom’ seat that they ordered on line, or from a catalog. They can’t wait to fit it on the bike and set off on that 3,000 mile trip in total comfort. …   I also see these same folks in my shop after the 3,000 mile trip, and a couple of visits to the chiropractor, asking if there is any way to make this ‘custom seat’ more comfortable?   My response is “Yes, of Course” and I am then tempted to launch into a sermon of the true definition of a Custom seat.
There are many good seat companies out there with a proven track record selling good products, however grossly misusing the definition of a ‘Custom Seat’.  If you did not send pictures and measurements of You, YHonda TL250 Custom Seat Panour bike, You sitting on your bike, and discuss Your ‘problem’ issues with the seat company that you are purchasing  from, then, I would dare say you simply bought a ‘different’ seat for your bike. The true definition of the word ‘custom’ means….’designed, shaped and fitted for You, Your butt, Your issues.’ Not a one size fits all seat that will solve all the issues of thousands of differently butted folks.    Sermon now finished…..
Most of my time and effort with the customer is spent in very carefully listening, measuring, and identifying problem body and seat areas that can be remedied with seat shaping specifically designed for them.  Hence…..  a ‘Custom Seat’.